3 Critical Components of a Successful Email Campaign

Blake Bidar
These three vital components of an email can make or break your campaign.
These three vital components of an email can make or break your campaign.

As any email marketer knows, sending email is more than just throwing some assets into a template and pressing send. It’s about choosing the right assets including friendly “From” lines, engaging subject lines and relevant creatives. All of which are crucial pieces that can turn an average email campaign into an outstanding one.  Making sure you’re sparking the interest of your database while getting customers excited enough to open the email and click the contents is the key to successful email marketing.

What does it mean to have the right assets and what should I be looking for when choosing these assets? I have included three vital areas to consider before sending your email campaigns that will have customers begging for your offers.

  1. Friendly “From” Lines: What does it even mean to have a friendly “from” line? Do I really suggest sending an email regarding your company from your friend’s email address? Of course not! Having a friendly from line means that your emails should be coming from somewhere that your intended recipients are familiar with. Using your company’s email is entirely appropriate and even encouraged. It is standard CAN-SPAM law that your “From” line is actually sent from the company whose offer it is.
  2. Engaging Subject Lines: The subject line may be the single, most important aspect of an email. Readers are not likely to open your emails if the subject lines are boring, irrelevant or unrealistic. Your offers must not be deceiving as the CAN-SPAM laws clearly define. You may not lie to consumers with an email promising them free products if they are still required to pay for them. Not only are your customers not going to trust you, but spam filters and law enforcers will ensure that you aren’t able to reach any more customers. Subject lines must also be relevant to the consumer if you actually want them to open it. Sending pet-care emails to families without pets is not going to get you the conversion and click-through rates you are seeking. Offering unrealistic promises also is a warning sign to consumer and spam filters alike. You are not likely to be met with high demands from an email that promises consumers a new car or a unicorn in exchange for a visit to your site. Consumers often start out leery of emails so make sure that your email stands out from the crowd with a subject line that is exciting, relevant, and realistic.
  3. Relevant Creatives: You must make sure your email is not deceiving as per CAN-SPAM laws, but you also want to do for company morale. Of course, you will be emailing these potential customers again and you would not want to tarnish your image early with offers that are untrustworthy. Make sure your creatives match your offer. The pictures should be of what you are offering and what you intend to provide the customer with. I have also found through my research and experience, that it is important for your action button to stand out from the rest of your imagery. For example, if your web page is all red, having a green action button will show customers that they need to click there. This is an important aspect of creatives that should be added to the emails you send to customers. Doing some A/B testing on this concept may show you just how important colors of creatives can be.

Many successful mailers can make good “guesses” as to which assets will perform best, but no one can be sure until they’ve actually tested these hypotheses.  Here at Madrivo, because of our dedicated exclusive teams, we’re able to provide our publisher partners with the best-performing assets from the start.  Our exclusive mailing teams test each and every offer that goes live at Madrivo, and not only are we able to hand select offers based on performance by domain, but we also have the insights to all of their mailing statistics and analytics and are able to offer the best “from” lines, subject lines and creatives, to take the “guessing” out of the “guessing game”.

If you are no longer interested in guessing, and want Madrivo’s help understanding the importance of “from” lines, subject lines, and creatives, contact us so we can help you create stunning emails.

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