Asset Requirements for Email

To get your email campaign started, there are a few assets we need to set everything up. Below is the list of assets. If you have any questions about assets please refer to your account rep or the example below.

A Unique Link for Tracking
• A unique link that includes open url parameters to pass a click ID
• Note that the link cannot contain the word "madrivo"
Creative Materials
• 1-5 image-based email creatives (mobile-responsive creatives preferred and will perform the best)
• Optional: 3 text creatives (this is useful if an email provider doesn't render the image creative)
• 1-5 From lines
• 1-5 Subject lines
Opt-out Information
• Opt-out link
• Opt-out physical mailing address
• Any suppression files
Sample Email Creative Assets
Unique Link

The link doesn't contain 'madrivo' and there are open values available to pass click IDs to
Image-based Creative

Make sure the call to action is very clear and noticeable.
Text-based Creative
Take the same text from the image-based creative and be sure to convert any buttons to url links.
From Lines
• OfficeGrind Ad
• Info
• Affiliate
Subject Lines
• Get ready for back to school with Office Grind
• Save on office supplies with Office Grind
• A new offer to save on office supplies