Top Performance Marketing Agency Earns the Title of World-Class Service

Madrivo Media

Madrivo, the leading performance marketing agency, is excited to announce that they’ve achieved world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) status. The primary objective of the NPS methodology is to predict customer loyalty (as evidenced by repurchase and referral) to a product, service, brand, or company. Madrivo has achieved this through its work with brands and publishers across its performance marketing network. 

Madrivo is honored to receive a score of 77 from its brand partners this year. This comes from a noted effort across the board, with brands highlighting the delivery of consistent work by an efficient and responsive marketing team. “Having multiple teams focusing on good customer experience, and dedication to helping our brand partners exceed their ROAS goals is key to our recent NPS scores. Our advertisers like knowing we aid in the setup process and ongoing customer success while our sales and account management teams focus on helping offers grow.”, Ninfa Cabello, Principal Brand Consultant at Madrivo. 

In addition, Madrivo also received an NPS of 93 from publishers, which is another world-classification and approximately 50 points above the average NPS of similar agencies and networks in the industry. “Such high NPS scores from our publishers are a delight to see. We’re always doing our best as a team to be responsive and to meet our publisher’s needs — and while it can be challenging at times, we have an incredible team. These results indicate that our focus on a good experience with us through higher ROI, bigger budgets, improved efficiencies, and streamlining processes are working.”, Jennifer Rozario, VP of Publisher Partnerships at Madrivo.

Madrivo continues to optimize client experience and results across its platform. This is apparent through the team’s dedication to superior customer service and operations. “Our focus in operations is to consistently provide better service to the client success teams and our clients. We’re always looking at ways to improve. We have no plans to slow down in continuing to provide world-class products and customer service to our brand partners and publishers.”, Sarah Miller, VP of Operations at Madrivo

About Madrivo: Madrivo is a US-based performance-based marketing agency dedicated to multichannel customer acquisition solutions. Our unique services in email marketing, social, mobile, and more, feature an exclusive network of vetted traffic sources that respect your brand while delivering quality and high-converting consumers.

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