Video Advertising: The Next Great Channel

Sarah Dysthe

Marketers can spend an inordinate amount of time creating just the right ad, and yet when it’s finally unveiled, it fails to convert as hoped. New research into video advertising now helps to pinpoint the reasons that render the ad less than effective. According to the IAB Digital Video Ad Effectiveness Case Study, in order to get ads to convert well, the focus need not just be solely on content, but also on the following three attributes: placement, length, and the type of message conveyed.

Top 3 Placement Tips for Video Ads That Engage Well

Video marketing continues to be high on the list of new marketing trends online. However, to get the best results, understanding the science of video advertising is required. Creativity can make any ad sell, but by putting an engaging ad in the wrong spot, it can end up costing conversions. To market video ads more effectively, consider the following tips taken from the IAB Case Study:

Placement – Put your ads as pre-roll, in-text, or as banner ads on videos. The longer the video, the less likely it would do better as a pre-roll ad. Vary ad placement, leaving the lengthier ads for in-text or as banner ads. Customers who click on these types of ads already have expressed an interest in the content and thus are likely to sit through a longer ad.

Length – The best length for video ads depends on the placement. Pre-rolls do best with 15-second spots. The maximum length of 30 seconds is more effective on ads with complex messages, but not on the pre-roll placement. Also, 5-second ads are tested, but proved to be too short to convey any type of concrete message.

Type of Message – If the message is for branding purposes, or if the advertisement seeks to persuade the consumer to take an action, then the 15-second ads do best at conveying this type of message. However, ads that included emotionally resonant, complex messages must be conveyed with 30-second spots to get the message across completely. If the goal is to convey something with a deeper message than simple marketing, it pays to use longer ads that are not on pre-rolls.

Varying the placement, length, and message in ads, and tracking conversions, can lead to the best strategy for a particular audience. The basic guidelines provided by the IAB provide knowledge and information. There is an abundance of research that can ensure the creation of the best video ad strategies, but placement is critical in the overall success of the message. Just varying the length and placement of a video ad can lead to positive and immediate conversion results.

Reference: IAB Digital Video Ad Effectiveness Case Study (n.d.). Retrieved February 1, 2014.

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