11 Stats That Prove Mass Email Blasts Really Work

Sarah Dysthe

Email marketing is a powerful force that helps organizations reach large scale, targeted consumer audiences. In fact, a recent ExactTarget study found that 77 percent of consumers preferred to receive permission-based marketing offerings via email, rather than another communication medium. From driving sales to reaching new potential consumers, email blasts can help you to send quality communications to large groups that are actually interested in reading them. Personalizing the email is the key factor while doing email blast. Tools like SalesHandy will help personalize your mass emails so that you can improve open & reply rate of your campaign.

Large Scale Email Blast Statistics
To help you better understand the ROI benefits of sending email blasts to large consumer groups, we have gathered together a few proven email marketing statistics.

  • According to The Radicati Group, Email Statistics Report, 2012-2016, there will be approximately 4.3 Billion active email addresses by 2016.
  • ConvinceAndConvert.com recently reported that large scale email communications can have high consumer conversion ratings. In fact, 44 percent of email recipients sited a mass promotional email as the reason behind one or more purchases.
  • Chadwick Martin Bailey recently posted that 64 percent of people reported opening an email, regardless of the sender, due to the subject line.
  • An Adestra 2012 report found that subject lines with 10 or fewer characters had an improved open rate; in these instances, the open rate jumped to 58 percent. Large scale email blasts can leverage the power of a good subject line to improve the marketing reach to a wider consumer audience.
  • The Earnest Agency reports that 72 percent of Business to Business buyers are likely to share helpful content through email. These individuals are sharing the content on a wide-scale to individuals who might not be a part of their immediate network.
  • According to Direct Marketing Association, large scale email blast marketing campaigns can yield an average 4,300 percent ROI for U.S. businesses.
  • Hubspot recently reported that more businesses were using email blasts on a large scale to nurture leads. When email was used, the average lead produced an increased 20 percent in sales opportunities.
  • When compared to social media marketing campaigns, McKinsey & Company found that large scale email blasts had a 17 percent higher conversion value. They also found that email was approximately 40 times more effective at targeting and acquiring new clients than Facebook or Twitter. Email was more adept at improving large scale connectivity and new customer engagement levels than the aforementioned social media networks.
  • 70 percent of individuals polled readily admit that they will always open an email, if it is from one of their favorite businesses. The latter mentality can be strategically leveraged by businesses to send emails on a large scale basis to individuals whom have expressed an interest in their brand, with the aims of further improving open rates.
  • Salesforce recently discovered that 95 percent of individuals who opt-in to email subscription lists find the emails to be “somewhat or very useful.”
  • ExactTarget reported that 91 percent of active consumers will check their email a minimum of one time per day, which means that more frequent large scale email marketing blasts have a higher chance of being viewed multiple times during the day.

With these statistics in mind, it is clear to see that large-scale email blasts and email marketing campaigns that target consumers en masse are an effective way to target past, current, and future customer groups. Before you begin to send out mass emails, you must first gather the appropriate audience information; after all, an email is only as effective as its subject line, the content it contains, the interest level of the intended recipients, and the time of day it is sent. When you know your intended audience, you will be able to create emails that appeal to them and provide value. Of course, you must not forget to follow all of the local and federal laws pertaining to email advertising, and be sure you have a strong analytics platform in place to track your success and optimize your offering. Madrivo’s proven experts are here to help you put all of these pieces in order so that can enjoy the ROI-enhancing benefits of a well-structured email blast to a large potential consumer base.




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