Engage More Customers
with Big Data Analytics

Learn What Converts, Through Centralized Reports

The customer journey is a long and sometimes winding road. Techtelligence®, our proprietary affiliate program management analytics solution, gives brands and affiliate marketers the data you need to turbocharge your customer acquisition strategies, through shopping behavior insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Find Your Customers, Faster

Use Big-Data Insights to Boost Your Sales by Up to 35%

Techtelligence® shows brands and affiliate marketers where in the sales funnel you’re converting (or losing) shoppers. It also delivers:
  • Analytics data to optimize your performance marketing campaigns
  • Tested, high-performing campaigns for email, social media, and native, search, and display ads
  • Unlimited access to our dedicated Success Team

Benefits of Analytics for Publishers

Target your ad copy to drive up your earnings

Techtelligence® gives affiliate marketers access to email subject lines and ad copy that our industry experts know drive clicks and make open rates surge. You’ll also get:
  • Automated alerts that help you optimize your campaigns based on caps, thresholds, conversions, and creatives
  • Device-specific analytics for maximizing each offer
  • Encrypted, dynamic links for popular direct response advertising platforms

Benefits of Analytics for Advertisers

Streamline your marketing efforts with cutting-edge technology

Techtelligence® allows brands to see data on all your offers at a glance. You’ll also receive:
  • Insight into customer behavior trends like impressions, click-thru rates, and more 
  • Information about what consumers do before they land on your website
  • Full brand protection through Techtelligence® fraud prevention alerts 
  • The data you need to make informed decisions about your marketing budget

Set Ambitious Revenue Goals—And Surpass Them

Use Madrivo’s analytics powerhouse to take your business to the next level

By using Techtelligence® to create well-targeted, relevant ads, both advertisers and affiliate marketers can increase their revenue. Put big data to work on your behalftalk to a dedicated account manager about Techtelligence® today.