Three Components that Impact Your ROI up to 15%

Jennifer Rozario
Who do you trust in an industry that has a reputation for being driven by the pursuit of money, often to the exclusion of all else?  Unfortunately, many have experienced the underhanded nature of our industry, one rife with fraud, non-payment, and general unethical behavior.  Who will look out for you while you’re driving revenue for them? When you have skills that are in high demand and you’re being wooed with promises of higher payouts, incentives, and vacations, who should you turn to and why?  You turn to those who are as much invested in your bottom line as you are, to those who understand that your value is not just in the dollar amount you’re generating at that very moment, but to what you add to the core values of their company.

When you’re searching for the marketplace that will best represent you, there are several components that should weigh into your decision.  Among these components are the obvious ones that have an immediate impact on your bottom line:  payouts, unique offers, budgets, timely payments and affiliate managers who have in-depth knowledge of the industry.  Less obvious, but ultimately more substantial to your success are the following:
1. Exclusive affiliates that drive massive amounts of quality traffic.  Advertisers need to be more competitive in order to get that traffic. You reap the benefits when you become one of the trusted affiliates invited to join that network.  You’re able to experience more benefits than you are actually providing.
2. Enhanced analytics to which you have complete visibility decreases your risk of loss by taking the guesswork out of blindly choosing which offers to test.  When you can work with a team of technology experts who manage millions of transactions daily, they can provide analytics down to campaigns, customers, and creatives.  It streamlines your decision-making, and decreases your risk, while increasing your profitability.
3. Higher compliance standards translate to being able to trust your network, their practices and the offers you are running. When their affiliates are held to those same high standards, it again provides a better marketplace in which you’ll experience a higher ROI.
All of these components should weigh into your decision on whom to trust.  It’s not just about the promises of rewards, it’s about working with companies that you know are invested in you, who share their own knowledge and experience, who focus on your bottom line by holding themselves to the highest standards. Ultimately, your ROI increases by 10-15% when you choose the right marketplace to which you should belong. If you think Madrivo is the right place for you, contact us today!

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