5 Things You Need to Know about Push Notifications

Rebecca Felker

What are push notifications anyways?

Push notifications are a great way to communicate with your audience. They are a tactic to convert web visitors into regular visitors, convert regular visitors into leads, and convert leads into customers. They can be used to promote products or offers, build brand trust, engage users who aren’t currently your customers, or recover abandoned carts.

Push notifications are clickable messages consumers receive on their desktop or mobile device. They are permission-based and delivered directly from the push notification tool to the user. These notifications help to improve customer acquisition, retention and activation.

Why use push notifications?

  1. Get their attention instantly

Unlike email, web push notifications are seen and acted upon almost immediately. According to research done by Zipstripe, an email sits for an average of 6.4 hours before it is viewed. In contrast, push notifications give you the ability to deliver time-sensitive information, such as important actionable information or deadline-based offers.

  1. Direct to the user

Say goodbye to the days of wondering if your target audience saw your email or if it was sent straight to the junk folder! With push notifications, you can send out a fast, important message and feel confident that it was viewed. They are delivered directly to the user and opened quickly, allowing potential customers to take action when they’re notified of hot promotions.

  1. Personalized for the user

You already know how important targeted messaging is to the success of an email campaign; the same goes for push notifications. Sending the right message to the right user is crucial for higher click-through rates and generating more sales. Good news: a personalized push message can increase CTR by 25%!

  1. Deliver at the perfect time

People read and take action on push notifications within moments of seeing them so you can deploy them at a time when your target users are most receptive to your ads. What time of the day do they use mobile devices for leisure? What days and times are they most likely to buy things? If you get this part right, you could see sales skyrocket.

  1. Numbers don’t lie

The interest in push notifications is at an all-time high. User opt-in rates increased from 41% to 43% in less than a year. Click-through rates on push notification campaigns can be as high as 40%, which is twice as much as the average email campaign. This indicates a great response rate and means there is a lot of potential to increase sales through this trending advertising channel.

Although there are many things to know about push notifications, I hope you learned a few more today. Are you using push notifications as a way to acquire new leads or stay engaged with current customers?

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