6 Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Conversions

Heath Bertini

Content marketing has grown in popularity as communication platforms transition over to digital media. Consumers look for the latest information through multiple online marketing channels so proper positioning is key for companies to capitalize on conversions. Below are some tips on how to strategically place content marketing for maximum exposure.

Produce Quality Content

Providing potential customers and current consumers with quality content should be the top priority. Offering information that isn’t both unique and valuable to them is not only a waste of their time but also a waste of company resources. The quality of the content will also be the hook to keep viewers interested. Businesses need to invest their time in producing consistently interesting and useful information to their target demographic.

Define Targets

Having a well-defined target market will help advertisers decide what information to provide and where to place it. The best way to find the ideal consumer is to first segment customer bases into different categories and then market to each category individually. A/B testing will help identify what works, who engages and what to try next. Once the top performing campaign emerges, build your ideal customer base off of the targeted demographic.

Use Multiple Platforms

In some cases, a company’s audience base will be very broad. They could have users and potential clients from all different backgrounds and these people will likely seek information in different ways. As such, businesses must use multiple platforms to reach their customers. Email, social media sites and other media channels offer a lot of flexibility and can help advertisers push content to a variety of user bases. They also must display the information in several different forums, whether it be through infographics, video presentations, or blogs.

Understand User Needs

Once an ideal demographic emerges, understanding their wants and needs as users will determine how companies get them to convert. Businesses should learn everything they can about their targeted user and transform that information into new products, offers and other services that will cater to them. They need to identify what consumers care about, what steps they take in the buying process, what their motivations are and how they look for information. Companies should also be mindful of any industry-related problems and strive to fix them through their product or service. The easiest way to acquire this information is through customer interviews, anonymous surveys and product reviews.

Develop conversion goals

Part of developing content for users is deciding how their engagement with the content will generate sales. If a company is looking to grow their blog, the goal will be to have readers subscribe. An email campaign can either seek new sales leads or completed sales transactions. Additionally, a business may grow their social media site through increased likes, follows and shares from consumers. Whatever the situation may be, clear conversion goals will help a business gauge success rates and provide feedback on what content appeals to their user.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Sometimes a company will make the mistake of investing a lot of time on creating unique content but not give nearly the same attention to marketing it. Ideally, the amount of time it takes to create the content should be the same amount of time it takes to market it. New offers and special promotions should be posted and reposted as long as they’re relevant. Backlinks are also a great way to redirect traffic to trending topics. Marketing campaigns should have defined schedules and milestones that a company strives to meet. The premise of content marketing is to provide valuable information to as many people as possible. The information will go unseen if companies aren’t diligent enough in pushing their content.

Content marketing is a great way to approach and convert online consumers. Most companies will experience success if they provide useful information in a convenient and sensible manner to a targeted audience with specialized needs.


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