6 Steps to a 6 Figure Blog

Bubba Artois

Yes, it’s possible! Blogs can generate a six-figure salary. Many sites have been exceptionally lucrative since the inception of blogging and the keys to success are simple.

1)      Be Original

Given that there are literally millions of blog sites for viewers to visit, a blog needs to stand out to readers. Original content will not only spark interest, it will give people reason to return repeatedly. With all of the information available on the internet, they will want content they can’t find elsewhere as a motive for remaining loyal.

2)      Master the Content

Credibility is just as vital as originality. Bloggers should master – or be in process of mastering- the topic on which they write to provide value for their readers.  If they learn something from a blog, they may feel the need to share it or revisit it. If they receive beneficial, founded information, they are at an advantage just from visiting your page.

 3)      Have Presence

While regular blog posts are important, presence means more than maintaining the blog site. Depending on the industry, bloggers should attend tradeshows and conferences, join groups on social networking sites, and participate in community outreach programs. They should involve themselves so much so that when someone hears their name or brand, they already recognize it and are eager to learn more.

4)      Write for Viewers, Not Computers

With all of the tools available to maximize online traffic to a site, people have the tendency to write for the sake of viewership quantity rather than content quality. To build a strong foundation and create a blog that will maintain steady traffic growth, writers should focus on the long-term value of their posts. If the quality and relevance of their work improve over time, traffic (and, therefore, revenue) will grow as well.

 5)      Monetize

Assuming bloggers stay true to the previous goal of writing for their audience, not metrics, they can then capitalize on the traffic with monetization strategies. Once they have a following, they can place ads, ask for donations (viewers will be surprisingly generous!), and engage in ecommerce. Even more, they can write a books, offer online courses and sell other useful information relevant to their site content.

6)      Set Goals

If all a blogger sees is dollar signs, they’re likely to fail. However, if they set achievable, measurable goals and build their site around their vision, revenue will follow. Goals can range from quantity and frequency of posts to click count to traffic growth in a given month. They should fit the style of the blog and be realistic yet ambitious enough to motivate growth. If benchmarks aren’t being met, monetization strategies, post content and even the goal itself can be tweaked for optimization. Remaining flexible and clear sighted will ensure success.

The most profitable bloggers have committed to the above principles. For them, blogging may be their full-time job and therefore, they have had a lot of time to figure what drives traffic to their site and increases revenue most effectively. They know which hosting site to use, they offer valuable content to their followers, and when a tool isn’t helping them achieve their goals, they adjust their strategy. In the end, anyone could create a six-figure blog – they just have to want it badly enough!

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