8 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Email Campaign

Sarah Dysthe

The holiday season can be the most profitable as well as the happiest time of the year. Many consumers are in a buying frenzy and eager to hear about deals.

The following holiday email marketing tips will help you capitalize on this spending season to maximize sales and lead submissions for your business. 

  1. Get to the Point

Briefly and clearly explain your offer at the start of every email. People with hectic schedules don’t want to spend much time reading advertising material.

  1. Make It Easy to Read

A marketing email should feature basic vocabulary, simple sentences, short paragraphs, and plenty of blank space. To detail the benefits of your deal, create a list with bullet points.

  1. Provide Calls to Action

Be sure you tell people exactly what to do to obtain your product or service. That is, let them know where they must go or which website they must visit to take advantage of the deal. To bring attention to this call to action, use bold lettering or a large font.

  1. Think Carefully About Subject Lines

People often decide whether or not to open emails by glancing at subject lines. Therefore, they should always be specific, brief, and catchy, and they should never be deceptive. Further, including a deadline or expiration date in the subject line creates a sense of urgency. You can always A/B test your subject lines to optimize open rates – more on that in the next point.

  1. Run Tests

Before contacting a massive list of consumers, try sending a few test emails ― each with different wording or a different format ― to smaller groups of 25, 50, or 100 people. Next, study the analytics to see which of those test emails generated the most clicks and sales. If one significantly outperformed the others, that’s the email to use.

  1. Remember the Personal Touch

Utilize software that can personalize messages. Adding a name in the subject line or near the top of the email has been shown to increase open and conversion rates.

  1. Don’t Neglect Text-only Versions

Even if you love sending emails with videos and music, include text-only options. After all, you don’t want to exclude those who can’t get sound and video or those who’d rather just read your messages.

  1. Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive

By emphasizing the holidays in your emails, you might trigger some consumers’ shopping urges. Thus, put in a few holiday-related images, and mention traditions like decorating trees, building snowmen, lighting Hanukkah candles, and sharing meals with loved ones.

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