A/B Testing: The Secret to Online Optimization

Valentin Shmidov

A/B testing is an emerging trend in the internet marketing sector that allows advertisers to engineer specialized campaigns and to measure the effectiveness prior to launch.

Online optimization plays a critical role in maximizing an internet offer’s conversion rate. If a consumer doesn’t respond well to the aesthetics or verbiage of an advertisement, the sale or lead won’t close.

Using the A/B testing method of market research enables a company to familiarize themselves with targeted consumers while simultaneously maximizing ROI.

How is it done?

A/B testing involves the manipulation of any web ad with the use of a control and variant elements. This is also referred to as multi-variant testing. An advertiser or agency sends out or displays different versions of creative assets to see which has the higher conversion rate. An advertiser must identify a measurable outcome as well as test the versions simultaneously to ensure accuracy. The varying elements of the advertisement help marketers zero in on what consumers find most appealing. Once the top-performing creative is identified, advertisers can then focus the tested campaign in a direction that will maximize engagement and, consequently, profit.

Variant elements to consider:
– The call-to-action button (e.g., “Sign Up Now!” or “Buy Now” buttons on an ad),
– Headlines
– Website layout
– Promotional pricing or offers
– Landing and product page imagery
– Text

The type of outcome an advertiser tests is contingent upon the internet marketing platform in use. For example, someone who runs banner ads may alter the color scheme, imagery or slogan of the display. In contrast, someone who works in email marketing will want to focus on varying the subject and from lines to certify that viewers will open the message in their inbox.

Start Today!

While A/B testing is a useful tool for any online company, it is especially effective when running a seasonal offer, introducing a new product, or redesigning a website. If an organization doesn’t have the resources to execute a test, they can use companies like Optimizely and Maxymiser that specialize in website optimization. Multi-variant testing works for both niche and broad markets and regardless of their products or services, companies should be intent upon gauging consumer interest and interaction to determine the proper allocation of marketing budget!

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