Best of the Blog – Email

Rebecca Felker

New to the blog?  Looking for helpful and useful email marketing content?  Look no further!

As we’re nearing the end of 2017, here’s a collection of the best and useful email blogs to inspire your next email campaign.

5 Holiday Email Tips to Make Your Campaigns Shine

What You Need to Know About Email Verification

Emailing 101

Improve Email Deliverability Through ZeroBounce

How to Reduce Attrition Rates With an Email Preference Center

3 Darn Good Reasons Why You Should Use Email Marketing to Gain New Customers (Instead of Social)

How to Write Welcome Emails That Keep Your Readers Coming Back

5 Important Reasons to Validate Your Email Lists

How to Minimize Email Opt Outs for Your Brand and Your Affiliates

High-Volume Email Marketing and the Switch to IPv6

How to Send a Million or More Emails a Day

May these topics and tips influence and spark your next great email campaign.


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