Madrivo’s Compliance Standards Enhance Changes in Google Search Advertising

Nate Seibert

You may have heard about, noticed, or even been affected by the guidelines Google has recently implemented in order to further legitimize email traffic and set new industry standards. What you may not know is that these rules have been in place for quite some time, but most companies had not bothered looking into them, understanding them, or most importantly, following them. Now, many of these companies are scrambling to meet these new compliance standards within the deadline so that their offers remain up and running.

You are probably wondering why this all came about so quickly, and why you are just now hearing about it. Well, the reality is we all knew this was coming, but we just weren’t sure when, or exactly what the guidelines would be. Some companies took the necessary steps in order to remain ahead of the curve; Madrivo was one of those companies. If you’re currently working with us, you may have recognized that Madrivo is a stickler for compliance. Standard protocol requires that our legal team review your entire campaign before it goes live to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance. So, naturally, prior to Google’s updated policies, our team noticed that there were some compliance issues that were not being enforced on Google’s end.

So, you see, it wasn’t that Google just came up with these new rules, rather that they implemented guidelines that were compliant with the CAN-SPAM act. The issue that many advertisers have with these rules is that they go above and beyond what is required by law, making it a larger task than had been anticipated.

Some of the most common mistakes being made my advertisers include the use of rotating domains and the from line not matching the domain name. As advertisers scramble to make these modifications, Madrivo’s team is able to take a breath of fresh air as they have been requiring advertisers to have complaint creatives before bringing them into circulation. This was for the protection of both publishers and advertisers. In turn, our advertisers are months ahead of their competition and our publishers didn’t lose any sleep (or money) over their favorite campaigns being paused while they waited for advertisers to make the required updates.

Working with an experienced agency who’s on top of compliance standards can provide more value to advertisers than just traffic. Our advertiser’s campaigns experience longevity and our publishers top performing campaigns stay active. Madrivo was able to make this a win-win situation for all of its partners.

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