Domain Reputation: Why It’s Important

Blake Bidar
Lately, it’s been getting harder and harder to reach the inbox.  This is due to several factors including IP reputation, clean data, offers, how heavy the email is (meaning the number of links and images in the body of the email), and another factor that has recently been added, domain reputation.  

Why has domain reputation become a new factor in email filtering? Well, with the limited availability of IPV4 and the introduction of IPV6, there is now a growing amount of IP addresses available.  Mailers will soon be able to put these new IP’s to use. With the use of all these new IP addresses, it is more difficult for email providers to manage a sender’s reputation.  By using domain reputation, email providers have a more manageable way to monitor all the mail that’s delivered.  This is vital for the email providers since they have no prior data to go off of when mailers start using these new IPs. Aside from separating the good quality mailers from the bad quality mailers, looking at proven domains to track reputation also allows email providers the ability to crack down on spoofing violations. Email providers are paying more attention to the Can-Spam regulations and are doing their best to protect advertisers and increase the compliance of affiliates. 

We all know it’s already difficult to inbox with it’s many required steps and guidelines, so asking mailers to be conscience of one more detail is nerve wracking.  But if that one detail could mean the difference between a  successful, six-figure a month income, or just making enough to pay the bills, it becomes more than worth it.

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