Five Compelling Reasons to Generate Unique Content!

Mike Bump

Creating quality and original content can determine the success of an online marketing campaign. Content can make or break ROI and customer acquisition hurdles. In addition, it can capture the attention of major search engines and the target audience.

Websites with unique content are ranked higher by search engines for specific keywords. Also, pages with authentic content can be shared through social media networks, which can improve the visibility of websites among the target demographic, and increase the traffic going in and out of the referenced website.

The days of regurgitating content across the Internet to generate inbound links are gone. Google, Yahoo, and Bing drop the rankings of websites with the same rehashed content on every single web page. Proficient and original content is the type of writing that will help with online marketing campaigns and give individual entities a voice and a persona.
Original Content provides all of the following attributes and rewards.


Consumers prefer to purchase from businesses that share original content and insight. After all, how can a company differentiate itself through copying others? Competition online is tough, regardless of the industry, and content is an inexpensive mechanism to distance competitors. Target customers will not develop trust by learning about yesterday’s news. They expect forward looking and progressive ideas. In addition, bounce rates are significantly and positively correlated with republished information. Customers will either spend relatively little time on the site or leave altogether. Creative and original content, containing genuine information, can help influence customers to purchase the product or service offered.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

On December 13th 2013, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, posted a video that stated, 25% to 30% of the content on the web is duplicative. Of all the web pages and content across the internet, over one-quarter of it is repetitive. That being said, Google, Yahoo and Bing, want to provide the user with the best possible online experience. This means that search engines rank websites with unique content higher than websites filled with re-published content. In fact, the re-publishing of an already published article can harm the credibility and reputation of a site and could result in a search engine bot penalty. Search engine providers may take action against the site or remove it completely from their results if there is an allegation of search result manipulation. Providing authentic and original content not only improves the reputation of online advertisers, but will also increase the chances of a higher ranking within the Search Engine providers

Improve your Social Media Marketing

Successful social media marketing can be realized with the sharing of engaging and original content. Consistently sharing unique content is the single largest method of gaining additional followers. The larger the base of followers that is acquired, the higher chances of online business growth as followers can turn into potential customers. There are some pitfalls as well. Several things to avoid on social media marketing include: standard templates, redundancy, unsearched posts, and explicit plagiarism.

Original Content Generates Inbound Links

By publishing content on websites, trust is virtually established with the major search engines. High quality and original content are viewed by search engines as valuable sources of information. Third parties that voluntarily link to created webpage links can increase the visibility of the website to the target audience.


Finally, creating and publishing quality original content for SEO marketing campaigns will authenticate the brand. Interesting, inspiring, thoughtful, and genuine content will engage audiences and develop relationships.


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