Is Madrivo GDPR Compliant?

Guest Author

Unless you were on a remote island without Wifi last week (and we hope you were) you know that the GDRP went into effect May 25, 2018 because you received a last minute flurry of privacy notices, new terms, pop-ups, popovers and were asked to give consent to cookies about a million times.  Madrivo did not require its publishers to sign new terms as our current terms already require compliance with all applicable laws and “all” naturally includes the GDRP (along with all other laws).  Madrivo does not currently provide any advertising to the EU or accept traffic from consumers in the EU so the GDRP has minimal effect on Madrivo’s operations.  If you are running EU traffic elsewhere though we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the GDPR as it significantly changes the way that businesses that control or process personal data of EU consumers operate and specifically affects online advertising. As always if you have questions about compliance please reach out to your affiliate manager as we are always happy to help our publishers remain in full compliance with all laws.

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