The #1 Question Brands Ask: Are my leads exclusive?

Nate Seibert

I’m an advertiser, are the leads you generate for my brand exclusive to me?

In short, yes. 100% of the leads generated by Madrivo are exclusive to the advertiser, but it gets so much better.

How are leads generated?

To start, there are 2 primary ways for brands to generate leads. The first way is to buy leads from a 3rd party site, managed by a non-affiliated company that generates leads on a general website and then sells them to direct brands based on certain criteria and pricing. These companies are commonly referred to as lead aggregators or lead sellers. With a lead aggregator, the lead might be collected today, but not necessarily posted in real time. When this happens, the quality of the lead drops drastically due to lower consumer engagement and contact rates. On the flip side, a benefit of an aggregator is that you can be very specific with the lead criteria and the lead buyer can cherry-pick based on GEO location, time of day, and other specific criteria. Another upside to lead aggregators is that the cost of the leads can be significantly lower if the leads are shared and sold to more than one brand, or if one consumer can co-register for multiple services with one lead form.

The second (and more feasible) way to generate leads is to work with an agency that drives traffic directly to your website, where the lead form is submitted. In this scenario, there is no middle man company that is managing the lead data and passing it along to you. Instead, you have full control of the flow, the user experience and retain the full lifetime value of the lead. Since you know your potential customers best, you control the messaging, the value proposition, qualifying questions, and filters that dictate what a quality lead is for you. With your hosted property, all leads will be directed there and you control the content on it. If you work with a performance-based agency like Madrivo to generate leads for your company, you only pay for the lead when it meets all of your criteria for an ideal customer. Meaning, if your target audience is limited to homeowners with a high credit score and high equity in their homes, and you receive 20 leads, but only 5 meet that criteria, you can filter these in real time and only pay for those 5 leads. In addition, you have access to thousands of vetted traffic sources that drive engaged consumers directly to your branded site where all the lead information is collected and exclusive to you. Based on the insight we’ve gained from over a decade in the leadgen space, connecting consumers directly to brands results in a more valuable experience for all parties. The consumer knows the specific company they’re submitting information to, the brand has a higher likelihood of converting the lead because they’re already engaged, and the customer acquisition strategy is more efficient.

Added benefits of direct traffic

There are two added benefits of affiliates driving traffic directly to your website that brands often overlook. First, when the lead is generated on your site, it is yours forever. Since you now own the lead, you can retarget the consumer via display ads, social media, newsletter campaigns, text, direct mail or whatever marketing strategies you so desire. And when the lead converts to a customer, the lifetime value will increase because now you can upsell and gain a more targeted audience for your brand’s products or services. In addition, you will be certain that the lead is submitted to your call center in real time, without any chance that the consumer co-registered to other services with the same lead form.

The second added benefit of driving consumer traffic directly to your site is that you have the ability to use fraud detection in real-time. Some brands aren’t aware that fraud detection software is saving brands millions of dollars in advertising funds. There are a number of email validation tools, like ZeroBounce, that validate email addresses in real-time as well as provide valuable information that will complete a customer’s profile. There are also tools that detect fraud on your website and validate your forms such as Forensiq, Fraudhunt and Zensed.

This may have been the long way of saying YES, leads are exclusive to the advertiser, but as you can see there is a lot that goes into answering this question. Want to ensure your leads are exclusive to you?

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