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You probably know that acquiring new customers is a time consuming process. To do so effectively you need to build trust among them. How to do so? Lead nurturing strategies are one (and a very effective) way.

Lead being a potential client needs to be well-taken care of to actually turn into a buyer. Appreciating the lead is the key to high conversion. One of the most effective and popular medium of communication is email – it can help your business with nurturing potential customers.

Why do you need it?

Lead nurturing email campaigns are great for both B2B and B2C companies. In each case, they serve the most important role at this funnel stage – they educate. The whole purpose of such email campaigns is to make a customer learn more about the product or service. With this strategy you can answer those potential questions of a potential buyer:

  1. Why your product is so unique?
  2. Which benefits can a customer get from it?
  3. How to use it (any other options than the obvious ones)?

…and many more. Simply, this campaign should answer any questions of your lead on the customer journey.

Remember that this stage is not meant to be a sales pitch. It shouldn’t be pushy, it should present real value, be helpful, informative… and engaging. But how to make it engaging?

How to make them want to read it?

One of the ways is sending behavior-based email campaigns that are perfect for lead nurturing strategy. They are sent when there’s a trigger e.g., your lead has just downloaded an e-book of yours. You know what’s the topic of it, so you can easily plan a workflow that will provide more content from this area, to the potential customer by sending a new newsletter for example. The engagement increases because you know the interest of your lead so, you won’t ever have to guess.

You can also personalize your emails with e.g., individual recommendations. The targeted person will be shown options of articles or other educative content that he or she may like. This not only rises the engagement but also makes the lead read more, get more interested and finally increase the chances of buying the product.

Anything else?

Education is the key to success. That’s one of the sayings. But that’s not the only factor that will make you thrive. By lead nurturing email campaigns you can also build awareness that’s so important to make the lead more certain about the choice and therefore be more convinced to become a buyer.

What’s more? The relationship that you build with a lead can move mountains. Potential clients that feel appreciated convert more easily. You just need to remember to not ask too much of the lead. This relationship is fragile and pushing to sales can do more harm than good. Remember to focus on nurturing. As leads are nothing certain, you need to build awareness, educate and appreciate them to make something out of it. So, you need to keep leads as leads for some time before some of them convert. If you keep them, you will learn about them more, and the chances of buying raise. It also give you statistics that are so crucial when you want to target and analyze your potential customers.

What to keep in mind?

You may wonder not only about the topics that you will include in your nurturing email campaigns but also about the form. Should it be a newsletter? How to make it engaging in itself? Use email as the medium but don’t forget about a link to a useful video you can embed in your message. You can also invite your leads to a webinar that will help to establish a more personalized rapport or you can also direct them to some exclusive white papers or e-books that will be valuable for them.

Another thing to remember is to state one goal of each email campaign and choose one, very clear call to action. Don’t go with the quantity, go with quality instead, and your potential customers will appreciate it.

Time and effort pays off. You will see that if you focus on keeping your potential customers in place, educate them, make them learn more about your business and options they have. A well-skilled client is a better one and can stay with you for much longer. Use also the magic of personalization and behavior-based actions. They will maximize establishing relationship between you and your lead by giving him exactly what he wants and needs. Try it all out and observe results. With the automatization you can analyze the unique open rates and the engagement that your emails produced. So, now you know why the lead nurturing email campaigns are crucial to your business and how to make the most out of this idea.

If you need any other tips on the ways of communication you should have on each stage of a customer journey, our visual representation will help you with that:


Author, Faruk Aydin – ExpertSender

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