Madrivo is a “Great Place to Work”

Rebecca Felker

According to Great Rated!, Madrivo is a Great Place to Work. Great Rated! goes undercover to obtain opinions from company workers. This gives new job seekers an idea of what businesses will make a good match for individual wants and needs. Ratings are based on confidential surveys randomly distributed to a sample of each company’s employment base. The ratings are separated among six area: company challenges, atmosphere, regards, pride, communication, and bosses. Since the Great Rated! survey and rating system is based on over 25 years of global research, Great Place to Work is considered the benchmark for recognition of outstanding workplace culture.

With great pride, Madrivo is honored to announce the company has received a top Great Rated! review. Madrivo helps other businesses with online advertising and provides access to international executives through multiple digital media sources. Although Madrivo is considered small with under 200 employees, the exceptional leadership creates a well-rounded experience for a majority of employees.

Great Rated! surveyed 25 of Madrivo’s employees. Approximately 90 percent reported receiving necessary training, fair promotions, and challenging work. Over 92 percent feel the workplace at Madrivo is fun and cooperative. Nearly 87 percent of employees report fair compensation and feel support to balance home and work life. Even more over 91 percent of workers are proud of personal accomplishments and the company’s reputation. The overall environment is referred to as “a family filled with trust and honesty.” This is the basis for a team of dedicated employees who feel comfortable exchanging ideas and information. Bosses are described as intelligent professionals who motivate the entire team, which brings constant improvement on a daily basis.

Due to the positive review of Madrivo, prospective employees will want to learn how to become part of this lucky team. A newcomer should be able to multi-task, have great creative license, and focus on reaching team goals. The interview process is tiered. This means the first round consists of meetings with employees, and final candidates meet with the CEO. Although the competition is fierce, job growth is expected to increase by 39 percent.

Thanks to Madrivo’s human resource structure and policies, communication is excellent. The company’s culture is filled with honesty and trust. Employees have the ability to voice opinions and question management without issue. All of these positive aspects are highlighted through the Great Rated! review process. Madrivo is excited to be recognized and looks forward to participation in next year’s survey.

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