Make People Remember You

Jennifer Rozario

In the professional world, you can be remembered as a brand and as an individual. A good reputation in either context will contribute to your long-term success. People and the companies they work for will have different approaches to standing out among their competitors and clients.

As long as the efforts to be unique are genuine and true to the core values of an individual or organization, the ability to shine around others won’t be too difficult.

Be Present

Being present applies in so many different ways.

First, be present at tradeshows, meet-ups and other networking events. Get out there and meet the people you’ve been working with. Form new connections and business partnerships from other companies attending the events. In-person meetings are valuable opportunities to speak with potential clients and to see firsthand what your competitor pool looks like.

Second, have an online presence, either through social media, newsletters or marketing campaigns. If people see your name or logo on a consistent basis, it will be ingrained in their minds, making future partnerships more likely. Whether they recognize your face or the company you work for when they see you at an event, they will already know what you do and have reason to strike up a conversation.

Third, have an intellectual presence in conversations, business meetings and any other situation where you’re speaking with colleagues, clients and competitors. Listen to people when they talk, hear what they’re saying and contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way. Acting aloof or unamused may send a negative vibe, while showing interest and bringing energy into the room will have a contagious and positive effect on those around you.

Be Unusual

In any scenario, but especially in the business sector, people will need a good reason to work with you. Whether they’re hiring you, considering you as a potential vendor or eyeing you as competition, they will view you as a whole package. That package needs to be one-of-a-kind!

Provide over-the-top customer service, exude confidence in a humble way, smile and say hello to people you don’t know. Even more, aim to reach goals, create products or make connections that your peers think are impossible. You may not succeed, but you will be known as the only person (or company!) who tried. That in itself will impress and inspire people all around you.

Be Provocative

Being present and unusual will help people remember who you are, but being thought provoking will take things to a deeper, more impressionable level. Encourage people to think outside of the box.

Push colleagues, clients and competitors to be better versions of themselves and contribute to your industry in new ways.  Whether you’re giving an intriguing presentation, releasing an innovative product line or revolutionizing common practices, make an impact that will have a rippling effect. People are much more likely to remember someone who changed their outlook or did something admirable over someone who goes with the status quo. In their minds, you will evolve from a peer into a leader.

Be Involved

Being involved also takes being present one step further. Rather than being around people so that they remember you, be present in a way that brings good into their lives. Community service, fundraisers and other philanthropic events are great ways to show a genuine concern for the well-being of others.

Don’t do these things for the recognition. Your efforts will seem forced and people might think you’re phony. Instead, find outlets and causes you truly care for and get involved there. Not only will you be contributing to your community, you’ll find meaning in the time and efforts you contributed to the cause. The more you care about helping other people, the more other people will care about you.

In some industries, reputation makes or breaks the success of a person or company. Being memorable will help as long as you take an altruistic approach to your partnerships and work environment. Bad work ethic and offensive behavior could ruin your chances of success while following the guidelines above will mean lasting success. Do your best to be remembered in a good way!

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