Marketing Director

Las Vegas, NV

Madrivo is looking for a fast-paced, analytical, and creative Marketing Director, that has run the marketing division of a $150 MM to $250 MM organization, to craft and execute the organization’s marketing plan. The primary responsibilities include developing and implementing strategies to facilitate the acquisition of household brands as advertising clients and reaching major digital publishing outlets for online marketing placements. The ideal candidate will strengthen the company’s market presence and create the most effective Madrivo “voice” that will make a difference in the acquisition of advertisers, publishers, employees, and partners.

In addition, the ideal candidate will be an experienced and imaginative professional with a real passion for the job, and be a skilled marketing strategist that is charismatic in driving creativity and enthusiasm in others. The overall goal of marketing at Madrivo is to expand into new markets, increase the company’s market share, portray a fun and professional image of the brand, and maximize advertising revenues.

  • Design and implement comprehensive marketing strategies to create awareness of the company’s business activities including trade shows, social media strategies, paid online advertisement, organic search, press releases and news, blog and website management, contests and awards, and general brand recognition
  • Supervise and expand the department and provide guidance and feedback to other marketing professionals including the creative, execution, and analytics teams.
  • Produce ideas for promotional events or activities and organize them efficiently.
  • Plan and execute campaigns for corporate promotion, launching of new product lines and new product offerings.
  • Control budgets and allocate resources amongst marketing projects and monitor progress and submit performance reports.
  • Produce valuable content for the company’s online presence, editorial design and organization of the company’s publications.
  • Conduct general market research to keep abreast of trends and competitor’s marketing movements
  • Become the organization’s agent towards external parties such as media, stakeholders, and potential clients to build strategic partnerships.
  • Experience in leading marketing for a $150 MM to $250 MM company.
  • 7+ years of proven experience, with a chain of increasing responsibility, as a Marketing Director of an advertising agency, online brand, affiliate network, lead generation company, content-driven website, digital retail channel, SEO or website development firm, social media firm, direct response advertiser, email marketing company, or any digital B2B entity dealing with advertisers and affiliates / publishers.
  • Thorough knowledge of web analytics (Google Analytics, Hoot Suite, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), digital advertising (Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Oath, backlinks, guest posts, PR, etc.), and organic search.
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Analytical and creative thinking
  • Exquisite communication and interpersonal skills
  • All in, all the time is one of our core values and it is a strong requirement.
  • A commitment to excellence and quality in all endeavors and a strong set of ethics.
  • An ability to work smoothly with highly driven and performance-oriented executives.
  • An ability to work independently without day-to-day oversight.
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented and efficient, with the ability to effectively prioritize an array of tasks.
  • 7+ year of experience and a BA or MBA in business administration, marketing and communications, or a relevant field

The ideal candidate would have the following personality traits/characteristics:

  • 100% committed to Madrivo, unwavering focus on contributing to the brand’s collective success, loyal and supportive to team members
  • Going above and beyond in everything he or she does to meet and exceed personal and team goals
  • Possess an ownership mentality; treat company resources and team members with care
  • Ambition to be the best version of his or herself in their job role and as a positive influence on Madrivo’s culture
  • Push self to achieve personal goals consistently; evolve and break boundaries to exceed goals when possible
  • Always looking to excel in his or her role, advance knowledge and skillset; consistently seeking growth opportunities, professionally and personally
  • Solution-oriented; proactive in addressing and resolving issues or road blocks that arise
  • Openness to constructive feedback; motivation to improve weaknesses and harness strengths for the well-being of Madrivo’s team
  • Creative thinker; innovative and consistently suggesting new ways to do things
  • Accountability; ability to admit faults, learn from mistakes, and make a concrete effort to improve
  • Responsiveness and strong communication skills; accessibility to team and clients
  • Organization and time-management skills; ability to balance multiple priorities at once and consistently meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment

To apply, first draft a cover letter that covers each of the following items (NOTE: these requirements are different than the requirements listed on our application and must be included in the cover letter for consideration)

1. Your annual income for the past two years and your base salary range expectations
2. Why Madrivo should consider adding you to our team
3. A fun fact about you


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