How to Send a Million or More Emails a Day

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Need to send an absolute ton of email?  Great news! You. Can. Do. It .

Conventional email providers, like Gmail, and standard ESPs, like Mailchimp, are not built for cost-effective high-volume mailing. You’ve probably already figured this out:  If you have a big list, they’re just not that into you.

Standard, hosted ESPs either severely throttle your send or exploit  it. That is to say, they can and will facilitate a mighty large-scale deployment  but….oops! They also want your first born (i.e. a ton o’ cash).

Here’s what you need to know to avoid an affiliate marketing meltdown.

To send a million or more emails, a day, you need:

  • -A BIG, clean list
  • -Proper Infrastructure (lPs and hosting)
  • -Robust, Rock’em Sock’em Email software (eh, hem).
  • -Monk like Inner Calm

List Hygiene

Your email database is gold, so keep it spartan. Work with as many list cleaning services as you can afford. Each one has its own specialty. Do your research but don’t cut corners. Keeping your list cluttered with honey pots, typos and defunct addresses will bankrupt your efforts.

Know that you may lose half or more of your data during a thorough scrub. Be cool. Better to err on the side of caution.

Hosting & IPs

Getting your own IPs is a royal pain. For those looking to switch from using one or more ESP, the terror of hunting down your own IP blocks might be stopping you from even CONSIDERING a “mailing platform” (see: software) like VoloMP.

We get that. At VoloMP we do our level best to help you. We guide clients on how to get set-up with IP s and servers.

Sweet Software

Confession time.  Super software, like VoloMP’s,  is only the third most important element in the mix. The quality of your list and the integrity of your hosting set-up comes first. However, you need brawny software that can respond to the ever changing mailing environment.


High-volume email marketing requires a steady hand.  Mailing can get as frustrating as it can rewarding. Just take a deep breath and dive in.

While large-scale mailing has grown more complex, there’s also been an explosion of on-line resources for guidance. And part of your criteria for picking a company, should be the level of support they offer. Less expensive platforms may come at a cost in terms of guidance.


Is your current email service provider breathing down your neck about how much and what kind of content you send? Are you hitting sending limits? Are you tired of over-paying for this privilege? Then, it’s time to go pro.  Equip yourself. You. Can. Do. It.

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