Six Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Pay-Per-Call

Ninfa Cabello

Landline phones have all but vanished from everyday use. Even businesses are switching over to cell phones rather than having an in-office phone system, showing you the importance of mobile devices today. In my last blog, I talked about the growing mobile market in relation to in-app advertising, but it is also important to consider the potential phone calls have for getting you new customers. Here are six reasons to use pay per call in your marketing efforts!

  1. Pay per call provides incremental growth outside your current marketing efforts.

Customers are bombarded with advertising through billboards, banners, email, and posters, but phone calls are less frequent. When potential customers get a chance to speak with a company representative over the phone, they get a feel for the company as a whole: their values, the persona they give off, and their customer service.

  1. Pay per call reaches consumers deeper in the sales funnel.

Receiving calls from customers allows you to build a closer bond with them and move them to where you want them in the sales funnel.

  1. Pay per call is highly cost effective.

You don’t have to pay for calls that are a result of “butt dialing” or “pocket calls.” It is a good idea to pre-qualify leads with a preset duration before paying for a lead. This will allow you to pay only for leads that are truly interested in your product offerings.

  1. Pay per call gets you in front of the mobile consumer in the ever growing mobile market.

More calls come from mobile searches than any other channel. People are calling companies from mobile search ads to get information quickly, or make a purchase over the phone. Take advantage of this opportunity!

  1. Pay per call is an excellent source for selling consultative products like insurance, financial products, travel, and home services.

Service based businesses are likely to receive customer calls when they are high-value and require commitment. These types of businesses often require appointments to analyze documents and go over important information. If your company fits this description, you need to start pay-per-call today!

  1. Pay per call gives you the ability to listen to calls and gauge the quality of the lead in real time.

Not only do you know the call conversions and outcomes when using pay per call, but you also have access to the source of traffic, top campaigns, top affiliates, caller profiles and path to purchase. What is better than data!?

If you want to get started with pay-per-call today or if you have questions about the benefits for your company, contact Madrivo today!


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