The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Bubba Artois

Social media usage has boomed worldwide in the past decade. Today, 56% of Americans have a profile on a social networking site, 22% of whom check their account several times per day. This means roughly 70 million Americans are checking their social media pages at all times of the day. From a marketing stand point, however, certain sites perform better at different points in time. Below is an overview per site of how to best utilize social media posts to gain maximum exposure.


Best Time to Post: 10am -4pm

Worst Time to Post: 8pm-8am

Helpful Hints: Posts with photos receive an average of 53% more likes and 104% more comments.

Although Facebook has an overwhelming 1.15 billion users, some speculate that Google+ will overtake the throne for social sharing in coming years. Still, 70% of marketers use Facebook as a means of customer acquisition and people admittedly purchase products and services simply because they saw them on the site.


Best Time to Post: 9-10am, especially on Wednesdays

Worst Time to Post: 10pm-7am

Helpful Hints: Using historical data, Timing+ allows advertisers to gauge audience engagement and estimate the most opportune time to post.

Growing at an annual rate of 33% since its 2011 inception, Google+ has reached 1 billion users. 360 million of these users are considered active and over half fall in the 45-54 year old age bracket.


Best Time to Post: Monday-Thursday, 1-3pm

Worst Time to Post: After 8pm

Helpful Hints: Images in posts increase conversion rates by 55% and clicks by 36%.

As the fastest-growing social network, Twitter has approximately 215 million active users. Furthermore, 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads. To get the most out of this overlooked marketing tool, advertisers should post pictures during peak hours for the highest sales generation.


Best Time to Post: Tuesday-Thursday, morning and early evening hours

Worst Time to Post: During normal business hours and on weekends

Helpful Hints: People should post at least 20 times per month to gain an active following.

LinkedIn has a total of 300 million users and grows by 2 users per second. The site caters to business professionals who aren’t going to be caught building their résumés while on the job, making mornings and late afternoons the ideal time to reach users. Although the site doesn’t see as much traffic as the top social media networks, it serves as a great redirect. People are four times more likely to visit a homepage listed on LinkedIn than they would with Facebook and Twitter.

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