The Facts and Benefits of Email Acquisition

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Why Email?

It is a great question, and one that we hear quite often from companies that don’t currently include email as part of their acquisition strategy. Fortunately, we have some great insight into the benefits of email acquisition that can help as you mold your plan for reaching new customers.

It’s true, there are various types of affiliates that you can work with: content, coupon, PPC, etc. With so many options, it is smart to look at the pros and cons of each type of affiliate and analyze how they fit into your strategy.

The benefits of email are many, but a lot of it boils down to one simple fact: with an email, there is an actual, identifiable person that is being targeted. It is not a cookie, it is an ID, it is a person – that should be a natural fit for your product. Beyond that, email acquisition is a cost effective strategy. Above is an infographic we’ve put together that highlights some of the facts about the email industry as a whole. The main takeaways from this infographic are that using 3rd party email acquisition is cost effective and consistently has a higher CTR than other affiliate channels.

Choose the Right Partners
One of the keys to success in email acquisition is making sure you are working with the right affiliates. Partnering with reputable mailers who have industry knowledge and can provide trade references is the most critical part of a successful third party email acquisition strategy. If you are working with a network or super affiliate, make sure they provide clear insight onto their compliance processes. Some questions we recommend asking are:

  • Do they have an internal compliance team?
  • Are they transparent about their processes?
  • Are they comfortable working with MD5/ SHA 256 Encrypted data?
  • How accessible are they in case of an emergency?

Now that you know a little bit more about the basics of 3rd party email acquisition, we’d love to hear from you. Does your company currently do email acquisition? How do select the correct partners? Be sure to stay tuned to the UnsubCentral blog, where we tackle compliance, cost and best practices of email acquisition.

 This article was originally published on UnsubCentral.

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