What You Need to Know About Email Verification

Rebecca Felker

As affiliate marketers, we have many tools in our toolbox to reach our current and potential customers. With a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent, email marketing is the most effective choice of tools to use. That being said, we want to ensure the hygiene of our email list is clean in order to reach our customers. Enter ZeroBounce – the email validation system to validate email lists, improve deliverability, and in-turn improve your sender reputation.

In this 3-part blog series we’ll discuss:

  1. What email validation is and how it works
  2. Why it’s important
  3. How ZeroBounce can help

What is email verification?

Email verification is a process that cleans your email list to verify the email addresses you’re sending to exist, are active and are accepting mail. Typically, this service is provided as online software as a service. Deliverability is key to successful email campaigns. And maintaining an untarnished sender reputation is essential to the deliverability of your campaigns and your brand reputation.

How does email verification work?

There are different measures an email verification tool will use to ensure the validity of the email addresses. These validation measures are dependent on the proprietary algorithms of the software.

ZeroBounce offers the following detailed process for email validation:

  1. Email abuse detection – identify emails that have a history of marking them as spam.
  2. Disposable email detection – temporary email accounts used to mask real email addresses are identified.
  3. Email bounce detection – emails that will bounce are identified.
  4. Spam trap detection – identify many spam traps.
  5. Toxic domain detection – domains are identified that are known for abuse, spam and bot created emails.
  6. Social append – first and last name, age and location of the email are identified (only available on certain emails and most IP addresses).
  7. Catch-all domain detection – identify all domains that are catch-all and will return valid for all emails.
  8. Gender append – identify the gender of some emails (only available on certain emails and most IP addresses).
  9. IP information append – country, region, city and zip will be appended.

Do you have questions on why you should be using an email verification tool? Follow us for part 2 of this blog series where we’ll fill you in on why data validation is important and how it can make your email marketing campaigns more effective.

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