Why One Super Affiliate Beats Ten Average Ones

Sarah Dysthe

There is no denying that affiliate marketing can be a profitable tool for today’s professional marketers. Affiliate return on advertising spend (ROAS) is more than three times higher than traditional marketing methods. No wonder more businesses are turning to affiliate marketing than ever before – and seeing great results.

However, there is a belief gaining popularity in some circles that says affiliate marketing is easy and anyone can do it. This is absolutely untrue. Success in the affiliate marketing industry takes considerable research and know-how. Businesses that cast a wide net and try to catch as many affiliates as possible may find they have brought in a lot of garbage along with their few fish.

Selectively choosing one or two super affiliates to promote your business is a much better choice in the long run. Here’s why:

  • They Know the Rules
    The affiliate marketing industry (really the online marketing industry in general) is highly regulated and laws are fiercely enforced. If any of the so-so affiliates caught in your business’ wide net disregard CAN-SPAM or the Truth in Advertising Act, your company could be caught in the FTC’s crosshairs.  As affiliate marketing becomes increasingly global, it becomes even more important to be sure that your choice of affiliates know (and keep) the rules of any country you plan to target. Canada’s CAN-SPAM regulations, for example, are even more stringent in some ways than the US rules.
  • They Can Keep Up with Advances
    Smaller affiliate groups may not have the bandwidth or budget to keep up with the latest advances in the industry. The increasing number of digital marketing channels has made it more difficult to measure and to determine how effective the money spent on advertising really is.  Sophisticated tracking systems which allows for more detailed and accurate tools and measurements.  A Super Affiliate will invest in these new technologies, making it easier for marketers optimize their affiliate efforts.
  • They Have Better Resources
    Whether it’s high-quality publishing channels, more accurately targeted and segmented lists, or just a business model that provides better feedback, top-tier affiliates provide better resources. What does this mean for you? It means you get better quality leads without sacrificing quantity.

Worried you might lose out on traffic by limiting the affiliates you work with? This is not typically a concern as super affiliates can target high quality, more engaged consumer lists and, with a strong offer, can usually generate as much qualified traffic as the business can handle.

So how do you find the super affiliate best for your business? Madrivo makes it easy. We search the globe for the rising stars of affiliate marketing and – after a thorough review and vetting process – invite them to join our exclusive network. If you’re ready to see the how working with the best can boost your ROAS, contact us today.

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