Why SEO Plays a Critical Role in Digital Marketing Strategy

Sarah Dysthe

As digital marketing innovations have emerged over the past few years, some advertising tactics have grown obsolete while others have simply adapted to the ever-changing climate of online marketing. SEO, perhaps one of the least understood internet marketing tools, has survived the evolution of online advertising and now offers more than just keyword and website ranking insight. A company that depends upon their digital marketing activities to bring consumers closer to their brand should keep in mind the following reasons SEO still needs to be an integral part of their overall strategy for reaching online customers.

1 – SEO is #1 in ROI for Digital Marketing

While SEO performance is hard to predict and takes time and resources to perfect, it can easily have the highest ROI of any online tool used. It all depends on a company choosing the right keywords and driving enough traffic to their webpages to increase the ranking and gain more of the audience share. A top ranked SEO site can receive as much as 33% of the engagement from all Internet users. For companies that capitalize on popular search terms and generate highly-visited webpages, the ROI could continue to grow exponentially. While being in the top spot is a difficult feat, it is entirely possible with proper analysis and adjustment of an ongoing web presence.

2 – SEO is Tightly Linked to Social Media and Blog Sites

If SEO is managed well, a company’s social media and blog sites will also get a lot of traction. SEO originated as a collection of links ranked by their click rate. Keywords strengthened the click rate when closely tied to consumer behavior and common search terms. Social media and blogs take link building a step further; in the same way websites are ranked on their amount continuous visits, social media sites and blogs are ranked on their amount of visits, comments, likes, and shares.  The more robust a social media presence, the better a company does on the whole. An effective SEO strategy will help link content marketing pages with target users when used properly.

3 –Video Ads are Built with SEO in Mind

Social media and other forms of content marketing are quickly gaining ground on the original forms of online advertising that once reigned. As a result, video advertising is expected to take the top spot in coming years as the most-used form of advertising, simply because its engagement rates have skyrocketed in the past couple years. Consumers gravitate towards content they can view rather than content they have to read.

Although it is not as prevalent as social media for now, advertisers are beginning to transition over to this booming media form and consumers should expect to see a rise in content-rich videos across the Internet.  The most popular videos will of course be built around SEO keywords and linked and shared in ways that optimize traffic and increase the long-term SEO ranking for that brand.

4 – SEO Lays the Foundation for PPC, Banner Ad and Email Marketing Campaigns

Although content marketing continues to succeed at achieving customer engagement, PPC, banner ads, and email marketing campaigns still play a significant role in the overall strategy. Email currently takes second place to SEO in ROI, meaning that a strong SEO strategy coupled with an optimized email campaign could mean online marketing gold for top-performing brands. Email blasts can be supplemented by PPC and banner ads that all redirect to the same webpage. Although both successful SEO and email campaigns require a large commitment of time and resources, as well as constant adjusting to match market trends, their payoff is well worth the investment.

While many people assume SEO is archaic because it’s been around for so long, its easy to see that it still remains a central part of online marketing strategies and has evolved to meet the current industry needs.  There are multiple sources online as well as agencies that can help bolster a brand’s SEO ranking. Companies wanting to boost their current SEO performance and those who are new to its capabilities should start to explore the endless opportunities this tool offers for online exposure to consumers.


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