2023 Consumer Credit Market Trends: Implications for the Debt Consolidation Industry

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In the constantly changing realm of consumer credit, staying informed and proactive is not merely a luxury but an absolute necessity. The credit market is on the brink of noteworthy transformations owing to economic uncertainty and persistently-high interest rates. Leveraging the insights from TransUnion’s 2023 Consumer Credit Forecast, let’s delve into the crucial trends that advertisers, publishers, and consumers should monitor and comprehend, recognizing their implications for the debt consolidation industry.

Debt Consolidation: The Credit Card Conundrum

The industry is poised for an interesting year ahead. While card originations are projected to decline, the volume remains significantly higher than in previous years[^1^]. Nonetheless, the anticipated increase in card balances and delinquency rates[^1^] may leave consumers facing the challenges of managing credit card debt. 

This presents a lucrative opportunity for the debt consolidation sector. Advertisers and publishers should not only develop content that informs consumers about the advantages of debt consolidation in effectively handling credit card debt but also leverage performance email marketing to disseminate this information. 

Publishers could create interactive tools like debt calculators or quizzes to engage consumers and help them understand their financial situation better and promote these tools through display and native advertising.

The Personal Loan Perspective for Debt Consolidation

The landscape of personal loans is also changing. As unsecured personal loan originations slow down and delinquency rates rise[^1^], obtaining personal loans may become more challenging for consumers. Consequently, interest may surge toward debt consolidation services as individuals seek effective ways to handle their existing debts.

Advertisers and publishers should prioritize producing enlightening content that educates consumers about the benefits of debt consolidation in managing personal loan repayments. This content could be shared through listicle articles and newsletters. Additionally, they could host webinars or live Q&A sessions on social media platforms to address consumer queries and concerns about debt consolidation.

What Home Equity and Mortgage Movements Mean for Debt Consolidation

Despite the anticipated decrease in mortgage purchase originations, homeowners will still have a sizable amount of available home equity [^1^]. This rise in home equity originations presents an opportunity for the debt consolidation industry.

By offering home equity loans or lines of credit as a means to consolidate debt, they can provide consumers with a potentially lower-cost alternative to other forms of debt.

Advertisers and publishers should focus on creating content that educates consumers about the benefits and risks of using home equity for debt consolidation. They could also collaborate with industry experts to provide authoritative insights and advice on this topic. This content could be promoted through SEO marketing to reach a wider audience.

How Auto Loan Adjustments Affect Debt Consolidation

The auto loan industry is poised for change as we anticipate a rebound in auto originations[^1^]. As a result, consumers may find themselves burdened with additional debt. This factor likely paves the way for a growing interest in debt consolidation services as individuals seek practical ways of managing their auto loans alongside other financial obligations.

To address this demand, advertisers and publishers should focus on crafting informative and engaging content that enlightens consumers on the benefits of debt consolidation in effectively managing auto loan repayments.

An additional option to explore is the creation of compelling case studies or success stories showcasing the effectiveness of debt consolidation. These stories can then be effectively shared through social media marketing channels, amplifying their reach and impact.


As we approach the latter half of 2023, significant transformations are on the horizon for the consumer credit market. Naturally, these changes will profoundly impact the debt consolidation industry.

For advertisers and publishers, it becomes crucial to grasp these emerging trends and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. By prioritizing consumer education, delivering valuable content, and employing diverse engagement strategies, they can effectively navigate individuals through the ever-evolving landscape of consumer credit, highlighting the role of debt consolidation in debt management.

[^1^]: TransUnion. (2023). 2023 Consumer Credit Forecast. [online] Available at: https://newsroom.transunion.com/2023-consumer-credit-forecast/ [Accessed 19 Jul. 2023].




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