3 Ways Your Brand Can Gain Market Share, Get Results, and Stay Compliant

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3 Ways Your Brand Can Gain Market Share, Get Results, and Stay Compliant

Are you responsible for your organization’s marketing? For bringing in new customers, building brand visibility, and managing your brand’s reputation? If so, we’re willing to bet that you’ve asked yourself a variation of these questions at least once this week: 

  1. How can I gain more market share? 
  2. How can I get better lead-generating results for less cost?
  3. How can I maintain a positive brand reputation and not be slowed down by triple-checking for legal compliance?

How do we know? Because these are the same questions that once kept our customers up at night — the same questions that all marketing leaders need to solve in the most effective and efficient ways.

Gaining Market Share Through Top Customer Acquisition Strategies

It’s no secret that market share is gained through marketing meeting sales targets. But with so many tactics and channels, it can be difficult to know which marketing initiatives are the best for customer acquisition. But luckily, you don’t have to guess. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we’ve seen (and tried) it all to be able to share with you the best and truest forms of result-driven marketing.  

    • Email. If we have a penny for every time we’ve heard that “email is dying,” we wouldn’t need to be in business. But time and time again email has proven to be the most effective marketing channel to get new clients with ease. Brands like yours see an average of $44 ROI per $1 spent through email marketing and it’s the fastest way to gain more market share in the B2C industry.
    • Search. When done right, search is one of the top ways to gain access to your ideal customer. They’re online searching for your brand or products and the competition can be fierce. However, high-intent customers lead to easy conversions and increased market share. 
    • Display. It’s likely you’re already running display ads and experiencing a boost in your brand’s profits and visibility. But if you’re not seeing an average of $11.50 ROI per $1 spent, there could be room for optimization.
    • Native. According to Outbrain and our own experience, native ads have been shown to create an 18% increase in purchase intent Use this channel to assist in acquiring new leads and customers in visually appealing, and always on-brand, ways. 
    • Mobile. Get ahead of your competition and meet your customers on their playing field. We’ve seen mobile ads increase engagement rates while being a cost-effective option to increase market share for your organization. 
    • Social. Utilizing social ads to target your ideal customer based on their social behaviors and demographics is nothing new but it can be a top customer acquisition channel, increasing leads and sales, when done correctly.

Get Results by Embracing A Performance Marketing Model

Marketing is testing. There’s no sure-fire way to get results, however, working within a performance model does guarantee that you don’t waste precious marketing budget on high impression but non-converting ads. 

Utilizing a performance marketing agency means the best of all worlds: 

      • fresh-thinking marketers willing to try new and innovative ways to get clients for you
      • beautifully designed ads to engage your ideal customers
      • high-intent traffic to your website
      • and you pay for none of it unless it yields the results you’ve been looking for. 

And performance marketing is designed to give you results across all of the customer acquisition strategies — giving you a team of experts, not just in one channel but in several, each leading to increased market share and lead-generating results for a lower cost. 

Stay Compliant By Utilizing a Quick and Effective Legal Process

When things start to work out in marketing, inevitably, the thought comes up that the latest tactics might be doing something to hurt or legally compromise the brand. And that’s where the balance of effective customer acquisition solutions, cost-effective results, and brand compliance comes in. You must balance all three to sleep at night and now your marketing is gaining your brand the market share and new customers it deserves. So how to ensure compliance? 

Through a thorough and constant legal review. Every marketing asset or material should be reviewed by a competent legal department, solely there to ensure your brand isn’t compromised through your new marketing success. Most in-house marketing teams don’t come equipped with their own team of legal experts but if you work with a performance marketing agency, they should. They’ll ensure everything that is published on your brand’s behalf is the best representation of your brand and in full compliance with legal marketing standards.

Finding The Answers To Your Questions

Our clients can sleep at night knowing that their marketing is bringing in results, gaining marketing share, and completely compliant. And as an expert marketer, we’re sure you’d like to do the same.  Schedule a free 45-minute consultation call and together we can explore how to take your brand and marketing to the next level.

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