Get the Most Value for Your Dollar With These 3 Customer Acquisition Solutions

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Get the Most Value for Your Dollar With These 3 Customer Acquisition Solutions

In 2019, the research consultancy, Brand Keys asked 558 CMOs and brand managers what kept them up at night. 97% responded that ROI was the top thing on their mind, closely followed by building trust between their brand and consumers (95%). 

Now, two years later, ROI and consumer trust are still the top two priorities for CMOs. And as a marketing leader, you know your marketing has to make sense, provide results, and be done in a way that builds brand reputation and trust across all stages of the purchasing process. 

Luckily, we have your back. You don’t have to stay up a night worrying about your team’s latest consumer acquisition strategies and whether the strategies are working, garnering a return, or eroding brand trust. Instead, you can focus on these three customer acquisition solutions — each designed to be low risk for your budget and brand and very high-reward on ROI and trust. 

1. Performance Email Marketing

In our whitepaper, 6 Epic Reasons Performance Email Marketing Will Rule in 2021, we outlined how email has several benefits (six, in fact) that support CMOs market better and get more customers. But we weren’t talking about your traditional, run-of-the-mill weekly newsletter email to your existing clients, we were talking about *performance* email marketing. 

Performance email marketing is all about customer acquisition in brand-friendly ways that have big ROI. Email traditionally has a 44% ROI and with performance email marketing, you see that type of ROI but only pay for results. No more wasting money on campaigns that you hope work. Instead, you pay for the performance of the results you want and nothing else. It’s the best marketing tactic for ROI, brand compliance, and building brand awareness. 

2. Display Advertising

Your team is probably already running display ads and seeing a fair ROI. But you can boost your brand’s profits and visibility with performance display ads with an average of $11.50 ROI per $1 spent. 

Like email, display ads done on a performance model are based on results. There is flexibility in payout structures, with several to choose from including CPL, CPS, CPM, and CPC. You make the call on what qualified results mean to you and then reap the benefits of only paying for what you need. 

3. Social Advertising

Not your typical social ads, social advertising through companies like ours help you target your ideal customer based on their social behaviors and demographics to see an increase in leads and sales. How? By working with some of the world’s top social publishers, who share your brand’s offers with their incredibly relevant and ready-to-buy users. 

Low Risk and High ROI in a Performance Marketing Model

When you only pay for results, you’ll get extremely high ROI and all three of the customer acquisition solutions listed above can do that for you. But what about building that trust with the consumer? 

That’s where working with a partner who has a comprehensive understanding of your brand and compliance needs can make all the difference. You’ll want to find a partner who has a legal review team to review every asset sent out the door/published — to ensure it’s up to snuff and maintaining your brand integrity.

Finally Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

If you are a CMO or report to one, you know that ROI, brand trust, and acquiring new customers are always top of mind. But you can sleep more soundly and get the biggest bang for your buck by working with a performance-based customer acquisition agency, like us! But whether it’s with us or not, look for a partner who knows how to work with direct brands, dominates all three marketing channels mentioned in this article, and has a track record of success. 

If you’d like to see how Madrivo’s customer acquisition solutions and performance marketing model may help you, check out our one-sheet, Why Brands Choose Madrivo

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