Is Your Acquisition Data Right or Are You Paying For Poor Leads?

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Is Your Acquisition Data Right or Are You Paying For Poor Leads?

With a unique platform for each marketing tactic, it’s no wonder customer acquisition data is hard to track. For every initiative and campaign, there are ten different tools used to compile data, run the numbers, and provide back to you just how much it costs you to acquire the lead. And while that information is incredibly valuable, none of it breaks down if the lead was the quality you needed. 

This is where acquisition data and conventional marketing analytics fails businesses. If you’re in an industry like finance or insurance where you rely on gathering leads to make the sale, knowing the costs to acquire the leads is one thing but knowing whether those leads were worth the money? That’s where the true ROI comes in. 

Gone Are the Days of Buying Leads

Is anyone buying leads for the sake of leads anymore? We sure hope not because the days of buying leads and hoping they pan out into qualified sales opportunities are long gone. Poor and useless leads do nothing but cost you time and money, especially when you could be using marketing tactics that drive qualified traffic to your site while guaranteeing you only pay for the leads that meet your qualifications and standards.

Stop Paying for a Lack of Results

If you’ve been working with an agency that gets you leads but doesn’t follow through on quality, it’s time to re-evaluate. Many agencies charge based on the work they do, not the results they get, so poor acquisition data falls in their favor because they get paid regardless. But what if there was another way — a way to not buy leads but get qualified leads directed to your site and only pay for RESULTS?

Enter Email Performance Marketing

Imagine a world where your site received hundreds of thousands of visits from your ideal audience. Now imagine that you didn’t have to pay for that traffic and you only paid for the qualified leads that resulted from that traffic. Wouldn’t that save you tons of time, effort, and money and give you a huge ROI? It sure would, and that’s exactly what email performance marketing does. 

Performance marketing via email brings you targeted and quality traffic by working with exclusive email publishers to ensure you’re not buying leads but instead, putting your message in front of the right people at the right time for them to fill out a form and become highly qualified leads. 

And when you only pay for results, you don’t have to sift through shoddy data and numerous platforms. You can know exactly where your traffic came from, how many visitors filled out your form and understand your exact cost per qualified lead acquisition. 

Through performance email marketing, you get a one-stop shop that provides you with ROI, highly qualified leads, and accurate acquisition data. 

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